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Meet Dr. Diggs

Taylor Diggs Dentistry Dr Diggs BioDr. Diggs is a third generation citizen of Missoula and fourth generation dentist.fourth generation dentist. Exposed to the many sides of dentistry early in life, he formed a passion for dentistry that has deep roots.

Dr. Diggs was raised in Missoula and graduated from Sentinel High School. He went on to earn a BA in Business and Administration from the University of Puget Sound. After gaining experience in several dental offices, Dr. Diggs earned his DMD degree from the Oregon Health and Science University School of Dentistry in Portland Oregon. Dr. Diggs has returned home to continue a career in a community that he has a deep connection to. He is committed to serving Missoula and its surrounding areas to the best of his ability.

Even when he's not in the office, Dr. Diggs continues to volunteer his time for dental outreach both locally and across the world. Along with his wife, Sarin (also a dentist), he enjoys the many outdoor activities that Montana provides including skiing, hiking, biking and spending time at Lindbergh Lake.

Dr. Diggs is a member of the American Dental Association, the Montana Dental Association, and the Second District Dental Society. Read more about Dr. Diggs on his Linked In profile.

Taylor Diggs Dentistry Dr Diggs and Sarin skiing
Enjoying Montana

Taylor Diggs Dentistry Sealants Ronan
Outreach at Local Schools and Abroad in India
Taylor Diggs Dentistry Dr Diggs India outreach

4th Generation Dentist
Dr. Taylor Diggs is proud to carry on his family's dental legacy at Taylor Diggs Dentistry. Taylor's great grandfather, Dr. Paul Diggs, began practicing dentistry one hundred years ago after graduating from the Saint Louis University School of Dentistry in 1914. Bridging this gap, Taylor's grandfather, Dave, and father, Briar, both practiced dentistry in Missoula for 64 years. In Minnesota, Taylor's other grandfather, Jake Jacobson, practiced dentistry for over 40 years. You could say that Dr. Diggs was born with dentistry in his blood!

Over 100 Years of Diggs Dentistry

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Dr. Paul Diggs—Great Grandfather
Dr. Paul Diggs—Great Grandfather
 Dr. Dave Diggs—Grandfather
Dr. Dave Diggs—Grandfather
 Dr. Jake Jacobson—Grandfather
Dr. Jake Jacobson—Grandfather
 Dr. Briar Diggs—Father
Dr. Briar Diggs—Father
 Dr. Taylor Diggs
Dr. Taylor Diggs


237 SW Higgins Ave., Suite A, Missoula, MT 59803

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